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The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) provides useful and important tools for raising athlete awareness. It is important for athletes to remember that they are responsible for everything they put into their bodies and for all substances they use. Athletes must be aware and vigilant in their choices, and it is the responsibility of the National Federations and International Federation to make sure they have access to the knowledge resources they need.

UPDATE Highlighting a New Substance: GW501516

This is a black market performance enhancing substance currently being sold to and used by some athletes. There are serious side effects to this chemical compound which can cause health risks. The seriousness of the risk involved with this substance has prompted WADA to issue a release regarding its dangers.

Clinical approval has not, and will not be given for this substance. Any athlete using GW501516 should be aware that aside from the anti-doping violation he or she is committing, there are real health consequences related to this substance.


For WADA’s Q&A on the use of Medications, follow this link:
Q&A on Medications

For WADA’s Q&A on Dietary Supplements, follow this link:
Q&A on Dietary Supplements

Click here to download these resources from WADA’s “At A Glance” series:




WADA_Recapping Anti-Doping

WADA_Recapping Doping-Control

For more resources, and access to resources in French and Spanish, please visit:

WADA Athlete Resources

If you have specific questions about the testing procedure, contact your National Federation to inquire about IFMA’s Doping Control Procedures.

For IFMA’s Registered Testing Pool (RTP) athletes only, those who have been contacted directly via email or their respective National Federations, the following is an informational video guide to walk you through the ADAMS “Whereabouts” submission process:

Submitting Whereabouts on ADAMS Video

Test your knowledge with WADA’s Play True Quiz: