President’s Message

President's Message

Sporting competition of any kind is a powerful avenue to bring people together and an opportunity to exchange cultures, of the various participating sports and countries. The history and true spirit of Muaythai is one of dedication and honour. Muaythai stands on 5 important pillars – Respect, Honor, Tradition, Excellence & Fair Play. These ideologies should not only be practiced through sport but should support the actions we take in life. The practitioners of Muaythai uphold and promote these key principles wherever they go.

We can all be proud of the many achievements combining education, culture and sport. An inclusion of the World Games and gained recognition of FISU, TAFISA, and our long standing affiliation with the Olympic Committee of Asia, standing affiliation with the Olympic Committee of Asia shows the influence Muaythai has, in the sporting world. In turn, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the social initiatives undertaken by the IFMA federations and I’m truly inspired by the dedication and achievements attained by the entire nation of federations and volunteers. Through their time and effort, positive differences are made in the communities.

One of the 2  countries will send athletes to this prestigious event, held in the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand, where 4 royal trophies will be presented; graciously donated by the beloved Royal Family. Another 30 countries will send delegates to the various meetings, in which many decisions will be made, in regards to the future of the sport, further implementing fair play, integrity and female & youth development, as the key topics. I would also like to wish all the delegates of the AIMS, IOC, IWGA, FISU, OCA and TAFISA a successful meeting and to all the athletes; this is your time to take the center stage; be inspired by an amazing event and remember, display character & discipline and winning will take care of itself.