FAMA Regulations on Manipulations of Competitions

PDF version can be downloaded here: IFMA Regulations of Manipulations of Competitions.


International Federation of Muaythai Amateur, being aware, that:

  • Without sports there is no sports betting.
  • Betting has been an integrated part of sports since the beginning and is a legitimate pursuit.
  • Illegal or fraudulent betting can cause global damage for sport, the betting industry and governments alike.
  •  One of the most important avenues for financing sport comes from sports betting, offered by national lotteries or private operators.
  • Sports betting allows the public to demonstrate their attachment to athletes and fans.
  • The integrity of sports competitions must be upheld and IFMA will do whatever is in its power to fulfill that.
  • National legislation differs from one country to another regarding the participation of sports betting operators to the financing of the sports movement.
  • Fair play should be adhered to ensure a fair return from betting operators, not only for the organizers of sports events, but more generally for the continual development of sport.


“Benefit” is to receive an amount of money or the equivalent either directly or indirectly, this can include but is not limited to, bribes, gains, gifts and other advantages including, without limitation, winnings and/or potential winnings as a result of a wager. The afore mentioned does not refer to any official prize money, appearance fees or payments from the sponsorship or other contracts.

“Participant” refers to any person or group actively involved in a sports competition and can be broken down into the two following categories:

  • “athlete” refers to any individual or group participating in a sports competition.
  • “athlete support personnel” refers to any individual or group of persons working with or       treating participating athletes and can refer to the following: coaches, trainers, managers, agents, team staff, team officials, team families, medical or paramedical personnel.

“Competition” refers to any sports event, match or tournament organised and in accordance with rules of a sports organisation or affiliates.

“Inside information” refers to any non-public information relating to any sport event or competition an individual or group has obtained as a result of their position which is not intended to be shared with the general public such as tactics or injuries. This does not include factual information or information that has been published and disclosed in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the relevant competition.

“Official” refers to any owner, shareholder, executive or staff entities that organise and/or promote sports competitions, this also includes referees, jury members and any other accredited persons. This term also refers to the executives and staff of the sports organisation or other competent sports organisations or clubs that recognise the competition.

“Sports Betting, Bet or Betting” means any wager of a stake of monetary value in the expectation of a prize of monetary value, subject to a future and uncertain occurrence related to a sports competition.

“Match Corruption” refers to any participant attempting to fix or influence the result of a sport event by promising, offering, giving, requesting or receiving any bribe or other reward.



  1. Prohibition of betting: IFMA prohibits all of its participants to be involved in any form of, or support any betting related to competitions.
  2. Prohibition of match-fixing: IFMA participants are obligated to protect the integrity of the sport by abstaining from influencing any elements of a competition which would be contradictory to the ethics of the sport.
  3. Prohibition to disclose inside information: IFMA participants are prohibited to disclose any confidential material that may deemed as inside information.
  4. IFMA Code of conduct on sports betting integrity for athletes and officials: IFMA establishes a code of conduct on sports betting integrity for athletes and officials and participants. All participants are required to sign the code of conduct before receiving admittance to the event.
  5. IFMA Representative: IFMA will appoint a representative to deal with all matters relating to match-fixing and betting. This representative will be chosen by the IFMA Executive Board under procedures given by itself.
  6. Confidentiality: IFMA commits to ensuring confidentiality with regard to unproven allegations of match fixing.
  7. Offences: IFMA considers as offences as per these rules the following actions:


    • Participants in any sporting event including their entourage participating in any form of, or support for, gambling or betting relating to matches and competitions in their sport.
    • Purposefully failing for reward.
    • Encouraging others to bet.
    • Making sure a particular incident goes ahead to support a bet from which he/she will receive a reward.
    • Disclosing any information that may be deemed as inside information which may be used for betting purposes.
    • Withholding information to the IFMA or competition authority any approach or invitation to conduct an act that would amount a breach of IFMA or competition rules relating to betting.
    • Being unwilling to provide any information or circumstancing evidence with regards to an alleged breach being investigated by the IFMA or sports competition such as, itemized telephone bills, bank statements, internet service records and any other requested information.
    • To be complicit in or attempt to cover up any acts previously described committed by a participant, in this case the participant shall be viewed as having committed such acts themselves and will be held liable.

  8. Disciplinary Procedure: In the case of a breach of any of the IFMA rules the disciplinary procedure will be determined according to the IFMA Conduct Policy. This includes matters such as the right to be heard and to appeal, a possible sanction in the event of a breach and the determination of the inquiry body.

    In the event that participants are found in breach of the sports regulations relating to sports betting, IFMA will have the right to all appropriate measures including to cancel a sports event where a risk of fraud has been established, as well as temporary or permanent bans on future sports activities. In addition to this IFMA has the right to demotion, points reduction, return of rewards, reimbursement of caused material damage, fines etc… Similarly, IFMA has the right to prohibit participants from entering competitions for betting related offences.

    IFMA disciplinary procedures are in line with agreed international principles of law which promote the fundamental rights of suspected participants and include the following which is adhered to:

    • The reporting and disciplinary bodies are distinct from each other.
    • Every participant has the right to be heard and informed of the charge.
    • Every participant has the right to a fair hearing and to be assisted or represented.
    • IFMA will provide clear and enforceable provisions for appealing against any judgement made.
    • A possible sanction in the event of an established breach.

  9. IFMA agrees to fully recognize suspensions and sanctions imposed by other organisations and government authorities.

  10. Guidelines concerning financial agreements with betting operators: The guidelines which concern financial agreements with any betting operator stipulate:

    • No emblem of IFMA shall be used without prior consent, additionally there shall be no use of the IFMA brand.
    • There shall be a strict respect of the game rules of muaythai as a sport.
    • Events involving minors exclusively will not have betting.
    • Certain types of events and parts of the competition will not have betting.
    • There shall be involvement in financial partnerships only with betting operators who are willing to work in close cooperation and share data with the monitoring system being used.
    • There shall be an economic fair return from all betting operators for both the organizers of the sports event and also for the development of all sports.

  11. Communication, Education and Prevention Program: A Communication, Education and Prevention Program will be implemented by IFMA and its national members which will include:

    • A media plan to communicate that IFMA, or the respective member federation, are tackling the issue of betting in sport.
    • The use of programs which include the provision of information and educational material to athletes and their entourage focusing on young people, this will utilize new media and the constituents’ Athletes’ Commissions, especially during competitions.
    • Best practices between the constituents of the Olympic Movement (the IOC, IFMA and the national members associations) will be exchanged.
    • A confidential “hotline” will be set up for people to pass on information if they become aware that there is corruption which could threaten the integrity of the sport. This can be found on the IFMA Website HERE.

  12. Co-operation with public authorities: IFMA will work closely with its national member associations to establish a working relationship with the public authorities as well as their agencies to ensure that legislation and public policies are adhered to which in turn will help preserve the integrity of the sport as well as tackle corruption whilst at the same time ensuring a fair return from the betting operators, not only for the organizers of sporting events but also to help develop sport in general. In addition to this IFMA and its national member associations will help build relationships with police investigation agencies, such as, Interpol and Europol to assist in criminal inquiries and the exchange of information in the event of suspicious betting patterns or breach of the rules.