Basic Skills

sturdily Sāngli Basic Skills  

There are many different ways to train for MuayThai. Some camps will teach the usage and techniques of each weapon (fists, feet, knees and elbows) to the novice at the beginning. The novice will then practice these moves. After a period of time, the trainee will exercise with the sandbag, a partner or the instructor. Then and only then is the novice allowed to put on gloves and spar. In other camps, the trainers will search out people who have the potential to be fighters. The novice will learn some techniques and practice on the sandbag. So after a short period of training, the novice will compete in the ring to gain experience. If the novice is gifted, he will continue to win – using experience gained in each fight. The lucky ones will move up the rankings to become champions, the unlucky ones will return home to look for a new profession.

These 2 methods of learning can seem prohibitive to the beginner who just wishes to learn MuayThai as self-defense or out of interest in culture. So, here we would like to recommend a method of training suitable for all – for self-defense or competing in professional competitions. We will look at 4 basic areas:
A. Preparation for training
B. The standing position.
C. How to make a fist
D. The attacking and retreating stance.

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