Athletes’ Entourage Guidelines



The International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) as an active member of the Olympic Movement has established the following guidelines for the conduct of the Athlete`s Entourage. These regulations apply mutatis muntandis to private and professional entourages.  The IFMA Executive Board based on the initiative of the IFMA Entourage Commission may from time to time and if necessary modify these guidelines as to fulfill the requirements made by the Olympic Charter and other regulations established by the respective International Organizations.

  1. Definition

    The Entourage comprises all the persons associated with any and or all athletes within IFMA and its Continental and National Federations, including, without limitation, managers, agents, coaches, physical trainers, medical staff, scientists, sports organizations, sponsors, lawyers and any person(s) promoting the athlete’s sporting career, including family members and relations.

  2. General Principles

    The Entourage must respect and promote ethical principles, including those contained in the Olympic Charter, the IOC Code of Ethics, the WADA Code, the IFMA Constitution, the IFMA Code of Ethics and IFMA Conduct Policy.  The Entourage must, in accordance with such principles, always act in the best interests of the athlete.  Minors must be given special care and consideration.  Members of the Entourage should be adequately qualified to work in their area of expertise, through licenses, certificates or diplomas, particularly when such are proposed by IFMA and any national member association.

  3. Integrity

    The Entourage shall act in good faith and demonstrate the highest level of integrity, in particular respecting the following principles:

    • Avoid conflicts of interest.
    • Fight against any form of bribery and take resolute and appropriate action against any form of cheating or corruption in sport.
    • Reject any form of doping; Comply with the WADA code and support its programs.
    • Refrain from any form of betting or promotion of betting activity on the athlete’s sport.
    • Refrain from any form of harassment.
    • Refrain from any abuse of a position of influence.
  4. Confidentiality

    The Entourage must respect confidentiality, including the content of their contract/relationship and personal information. The Entourage must protect any inside information, such as any non-public information obtained by the person by the virtue of his/her position within the athlete’s entourage, within the framework of the regulations of the sports’ organization concerned.

  5. Transparency

    The Entourage’s interactions within the relevant populations must be clearly defined, in a written contract where applicable. IFMA will provide standardized contract templates developed by the Entourage Commission. Member Associations are encouraged to use these contracts for their Entourage members.  The Entourage must be transparent about their personal and professional background with regard to matters which could affect the relationship, including, but not limited to doping, sexual misconduct or financial matters.

    Sports organizations have a responsibility to inform athletes about their rights and obligations, including the legal means to resolve any disputes.

  6. Responsibility/Accountability

    The Entourage must always act with due diligence and in the best interest of the athlete; short term interests should not take precedence over a successful and balanced athletic career and a long-term partnership.  Contractual relationships with athletes must be based on balanced conditions, including fair financial conditions and professional liability insurance.  The Entourage must always respect the moral, physical and psychological integrity of the athlete. The Entourage must respect and promote the rules and regulations of the sport, and encourage the athlete to behave accordingly.  The Entourage must keep the athlete fully informed of all dealings and arrangements made on the athlete’s behalf.

    The Entourage must comply with best accounting practices and make available to the athlete full and accurate accounts and records and, where applicable, to the relevant authorities.

  7. Sanction

    Any breach of the IFMA regulations by a member of the Entourage shall be punishable. The terms of the appropriate punishment and the disciplinary procedures are defined by the IFMA Conduct Policy.

  8. Athletes’ Responsibility

    The athletes have a responsibility to act responsibly, choosing their Entourage members with care and with the exercise of due diligence and to use their best efforts to ensure that any contract is negotiated with fair conditions.

  9. Athletes’ Entourage Commission

    To supervise the execution of these guidelines and advise members of the Entourage on its rules and procedures IFMA will establish an Entourage Commission.  This commission will be comprised of such members as determined by the IFMA Executive Board and will be selected under procedures determined by such Board.  Any final decision on questions related to the Athletes` Entourage will be taken by the IFMA Executive Board based on the procedures of the IFMA Conduct Policy.