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Today we are introducing the names of the 8 male athletes in 67kg division who will be going to the World Games 2017, in Wroclaw, Poland 🇵🇱!! @the_world_games_2017 @theworldgames#roadtowroclaw #twg2017#czekamynatwg
Mateusz Janik - Poland - 67kg !! #ifmamuaythai
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  • FAMA President Chairs Central Asian Event

    FAMA President Chairs Central Asian Event

    A special event took place in Kazakhstan in cooperation with the Royal Thai Government, and the Government of Kazakhstan to promote muaythai in the Central Asian region.

  • Highlights of the Nai Kanom Tom Day 2017

    Highlights of the Nai Kanom Tom Day 2017

    It was a true celebration in Ayutthaya last Friday when IFMA participated in the parade honouring the father of muaythai Nai Kanom Tom. The IFMA booth at the exhibition was a popular place for muaythai practitioners where they could talk about muaythai recognitions, congratulate IFMA on IOC recognition, and take pictures with IFMA press wall. […]

  • Nai Kanom Tom Day 2017

    Nai Kanom Tom Day 2017

    Every year on the 17th of March, the muaythai world celebrates the birthday of the legend “Nai Knom Tom” in celebration of Wai Kru day in the ancient city of Ayuddhaya. This year’s celebration attracted more than 1400 muaythai enthusiasts from masters to students. The City of Ayuddhaya in partnership with the Tourism Authority of Thailand […]

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